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Founded by cannabis connoisseurs, Kushies handcrafts quality cannabis-infused edibles and extracts from scratch using only the finest ingredients and production methods. Their award-winning chocolate bars are made from hemp derived Delta 9. Made locally in Nashville Tennessee, Kushies raises the bar for Tennessee producers. Kushies has been available in many states for years, check out their high times interview from 2014 here.


Each bar contains 100mg of THC / 10mg per piece.


Cookies and Cream - A classic recipe of rich white chocolate and sweet cookies makes for both a delightful flavor and experience.


Strawberry Banana Cream - Made with real strawberries and bananas with a rich white chocolate.  For those who want to jazz up their tastebuds with a bright and fruity taste.


S’mores - A childhood flavor that has grown up just like us. Whether you’re out in nature or camping on your couch, the milk chocolate and warm cinnamon is sure to warm both body and spirit.


Cinnamon Roll - Cinnamon Roll is another familiar and irresistible flavor, blending rich white chocolate and toasty cinnamon. Find your center with this immaculate tasting chocolate bar.


Birthday Cake - No birthday required. This delicious bar of white chocolate is sure to satisfy the sweetest of tooths. Sharing is completely optional.

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